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About Us

You might wonder who we are?

We are a new Company comprised of Developers, Artists, and Managers, dedicated in creating beautiful aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and DCS World. We will do long hours of research to painstakingly recreating an accurate and detailed 3D model. Then optimize the code that will bring you to a new immersion for which you will come to expect from us.

Our Team has done a number of projects and been in the business for over 10 years and longer since the creation of Flight Simulator series for the home PC. It's our love first and foremost that makes us strive to do the absolute best we can. We love aviation, we grew up around aircraft and some of us even went on to pursue a career of just that flying.

Some of our Artists have a strong natural talent and focus in creating beautiful work. From the texture work needed to paint a specific livery, or a modeler that has worked on well-known and the best aircraft that is on the market. Even down to a flight model that follows the true performance of the plane. Finally, the sound of the engines howling through the intakes. That we are sure once you learn who we are and what we can bring to the table, we hope to show you some great things in the coming future.

So with this in mind, we want to welcome you to our new home and hope you will stay and have fun. We have set up our forums and are laying the groundwork for a secure website that is a place for everyone to come together and get to know each other and talk about the thing we love, aircraft and flying.

Thank you,
Metal2Mesh Team.