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March 24, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________

It's been a while since our last post. The reason is we have been hard at work on various projects. Work continues on the F-15E and the M2K-C. With the ever growing closer of the completion these products will be updated with Vertical Reality Simulation's Tac Pack which is now a stand alone product.

The upcoming F-15E version 1.2 Full Stand alone will have the Tac Pack weapon addon and feature new Flight Modeling byt the very talented Bernt Stolle. Once the version 1.2 is released you will not need the Iris F-15E and will be optimized for multiplayer play.

Some of the other features which could only be possible due to VRS Tac Pack is HMD (Head Mounted Display) FLIR (Foward Looking Infared) w/ Laser designated/guided and GPS smart bombs.

Also in development to use the VRS Tac Pack weapon system is M2K-C. It's primary capability is Air to Air interceptor using the Marta MagicII 550 and Super 530D missiles. Which will be included in a future Tac Pack build.

More news on the M2K-C in the Development News section of our site.

December 25, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Merry Christmas and I hope all is having a wonderful holiday. Ok on the M2K-C here are some details we need to discuss.

First I want to mention this aircraft is very incomplete. It is lacking major avionics and system functions at this time. The 3D model is still being worked on, items such as the flight stick and parking brake are missing. Those items should come in a week or two, and will be completed very shortly.

Second, this aircraft is again very incomplete. Please do not purchase this aircraft if you are expecting a final or complete product. It would be best for you to wait until it finished. I can not stress enough that this is a WIP and open to the public to allow early access to this iconic jet. It will also allow us to complete the M2KC sooner instead of postponing to finish other projects to fund development.

The product is focused on the M2K-C 2000C S-5 version. This cockpit has a slightly darker color and is also the newest of the C variants that is RDI and multicolored VTB/Radar. We will have earlier and more recognized lighter blue cockpits which I am sure most of you are use to. This will be introduced during the project or in the Beta Forum which has been set up at this time.

Another thing I want to press upon is the Product will only come with one livery. It will be a very basic "grey" livery with no specifics. The reason we are keeping this with just one is that the mapping of the textures are still going through changes and also to keep the product at a low file size so when you download the multiple future upgrades during the beta process, that it can be faster.
The good news is in the Beta forums, we can share different liveries for those who want to add and create. We just can not add them to the product at this time. Cause when we do a new build I would like to get them out to you ASAP so you can enjoy it as well.

As for accuracy, we have 3 pilots, 2 mechanics, and former French Air Force officers. They are dedicated to helping us go as far as they can. The flight model has been done by the very own Bernt Stolle and I have to say, she flies really well. That is just some of the features that are going to guarantee this aircraft a good future.

OK so on the schedule with the Beta. I want to finish the 3D modeling with the VC, move back to the exterior with more details such as the rear cockpit area (behind the seat), and optimizing that section for final. Along with the Speed Brake detail and adding extra items such as installed sensors on the aircraft. Then we will move into external Payloads such as ordinance and fuel tanks. SO they will be added with the Tac Pack powered feature.

I will warn you, right now, and this might make some of you upset, but the pilot is a US pilot just as a place holder and will be changed to 2 French types. A new more modern version and previous difference will be available for nostalgia purposes. So please allow us some patience until we are able to complete these details.

In the Beta forum you are free to discuss items you want and help out as much as possible. We will only ask that you are familiar with FSX file structure so we can continue to work fast and not get distracted with other issues that arise and keep us away from our schedule.

Our main goal is to deliver a great M2K-C that everyone will enjoy flying. The Product will be $40 USD and will guarantee Release Version. This is set to around 3PM Christmas day US Eastern Standard Time (-5:00). Thank you for your time and we are excited about the future.

September 05, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Metal2Mesh Official Avionics Upgrade video by Cleartheprop Productions.
We also want to announce due to high traffic on our server the wiki section has been shut down.

Metal2Mesh Official Avionics Upgrade video by Cleartheprop Productions.

September 02, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Happy Labor Day!
Issues with the store and forum email system fixed. If you tried to contact us and did not receive a message back please Contact Us again. We have been hearing that people are extremely happy with the Avionics Upgrade and we will address the bugs and updates with in the coming weeks. We also want to thank everyone who purchased it and those who helped. We also decided to allow all customers who purchased the AU, even the ones after the 100 mark, will receive the $5.00 Discount towards the M2K-C coming soon.

August 22, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

F-15E Avionics Update Released!!!
The AU is Released! Yes, It's out and at the stores for Download only $15.00 to upgrade the Iris F-15E to the new Metal2Mesh F-15E. This is just the tip of the Iceberg with new avionics, textures, sounds, new manual, and support forums. The Avionics Upgrade is just as the name states an upgrade. You need to own the Iris F-15E Mudhen Driver (with their update) to use the Avionics Upgrade. Also once you are the owner of the AU, in the next 3-4 months when we bring out the new Full Version F-15E which will be Tac Pack Powered, and rebuilt and coded from the ground up. This will allow you the use the full functionality of VRS's weapons module that is now the standard for multiplay and single player combat abilities in FSX. You will get that as a free update to your current AU version. Anyone else will need to purchase the new F-15E at full price.

June 18, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

F-15E Avionics Update in BETA!!!
The AU is going into Beta! Yes, Beta! After a long and tedious process I am happy to announce that we are finally entering the Beta Stage.

April 18, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

F-15E Avionics Update!
Working on the F-15E Avionics Upgrade, so far the textures done, KC135R model finished, UI thumbnails completed, and the installer ready. The code is still in development and once that is done we move into Beta and finish the manual. Here is a few screenshots of some of the pics of various areas and how they will look.

Feb 18, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Cockpit Textures are near final!
Working on the F-15E Avionics Upgrade for FSX nicknamed the "AU", VC is still being tweaked. But these print-screens in 3DSMax show the the beauty Texture Artist Nick Dackard put into these works of art.

Our Programmer gave us a little video teaser to show some of the progress of the MPCD in development, Again the video is very raw WIP and some pages such as the Radar are not present yet.

Feb 1, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Some sad news

To our customers and fan base of the F-15E Mudhen:

After long and careful deliberation we are regretfully announcing our decicion to terminate our business venture with IRIS concerning the F-15E Mudhen model we have published with them. Starting immediately we are issuing a cease and desist order on the selling of any mesh's created by us.

There are many deciding factors from our business standpoint that have lead us to the decision we have made that we would not like to discuss or excuse publicly. One reason that involves our customers and fans and that directly relates and affects you and our reputation that we can discuss is customer support or lack there of. Our customers and fan base are our main focus and the driving force behind everything we do. We go the extra mile from reaserch to modeling, to texturing, and pushing the envelope in every aspect of what we do to please and impress you. It is our belief that you our customer are not only important before and during a purchase of our product, but that you are even that much important AFTER you buy our product. We feel IRIS has not lived up to that core value that we try to promote with their customer support.

I can assure the F-15E Avionics Upgrade is stronger then ever, and still in development.


Jan 25, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________

Latest little Teaser
Working on the F-15E Avionics Upgrade for FSX nicknamed the "AU". Our texture artist just released some of the textures so we wanted to give everyone a quick little render to show it off, as we are in full swing with the development. Right now the VC is still being done, and code is still being written, this is definitely going to put new life in this older product. More to come as it happens

More news read "HERE"

Dec 7, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

End of the year update.
Hello Well behind the scenes (few months now) we have been working on a MiG-29 model. We felt it was time to inform everyone of this. Just last week, we decided to also announce a new Tornado GR-4 Project we just started. We figured probably best since surprize of the MiG, we might as well just get it out there too. The MiG-29 will not be in DCS, but will make it's way to FSX and maybe P3D. On the other hand, the Tonado GR-4 (Tonka) is already signed up for DCS and will showcase in FSX as well. Here are a few renders, enjoy.

Nov 22, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

Happy Thanksgiving to the American fans.

Many things are going on at Metal2Mesh. We setup our new Youtube channel which you can click here:

We would like to announce some new friends and a great place to get your flight sim news.

Oct 16, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

SimFlight Awards 2012. Click Here You will see Our F-15E was nominated for the work we done with IRIS.

Sept 19, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

Breaking News
We will be able to put our F-15E Mesh into DCS, with Razbam, we will upgrade the mesh, make it more detailed, new texutres, and new mapping. Razbam has one of the best coders in FSX and now like any language he will master the code to DCS World, and we will be able to bring in a true beauty.

Sept 15, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

Latest little Teaser
Working on the Ejection seat, mapping the mesh and moving towards texturing. But wanted to give everyone a quick little render to show it off, as we are in full swing with the VC development, even gauges are getting worked on. That code is being written and I can not wait until we can start to really put this together.

Aug 17, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________

Razbam's Harrier VC work is finished. Click Here It's just some of the work we are known for doing and it should help display some of the quality we will put into our products. Now we have finished the work with Razbam we are gearing to our very own VC of the M2K-C Project.

New screenshots will come soon,
Thank you everyone.