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Development News

March 24, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________

Work continues on the M2K-C for FSX and it has started to make it's way into DCS. Right now on the DCS version Razbam is having the AFM (Advanced Flight Model) in progress with state of the art technics to add virtual copy of the real work aircraft.

On the FSX side, a lot of items are finalizing to completion. Weapons have been sent to VRS for integration into Tac Pack and as we speak, we are adding in the Electircal systems, start of the avionics, and soon the hydraulic systems. Also a lot of external items have been finished and we are close to final modeling once we add the French pilots to this iconic gem.

Here are some of the latest screenshots of the VC with a few items now installed.





Now there is more functionality then that with the lighting, caution panel, starting to get populated, and the landing gear systems added.

And of course let's not forget the exterior of the M2K-C is almost to it's final state. Here you can see some of the ordinance and drop tanks that will work in the final FSX version. The exterior screenshots are from Lockheed Martin's P3D V2